The Pocket Chemist is an incredibly useful, double-sided stencil and chemistry reference.

Despite accusations, I am not paid by Big Pharma, The Illuminati, or even The Stonecutters (they keep the metric system down, you know) to write this blog.

I do, however, get a little kickback from the lovely people at Genius Lab Gear every time you buy one of these fabulously-useful Pocket Chemists or a set of the equally-brilliant Science Word Magnets.

For more info and photos, check out the Pocket Chemist and Science Word Magnets blog posts.

When you order, enter the code FLASK15 to get a 15% discount off as many Pocket Chemists as you want (they make great presents!)

Or, for Science Word Magnets, use the code FLASKMAG1 to save $1 on each set you buy (so the more you buy, the more you save).

Thank you, lovely readers xx

Science Word Magnets

Science Word Magnets are specially designed to fit with other magnetic word sets.