The Skeptic, Chemistry World, and Crash Course: where to find me!

Thanks to Andy Brunning for the fab profile pic – do check out Compound Interest‘s Women In Chemistry series!

It’s been a busy month! Actually, a busy few months, and it occurred to me that some people that follow this blog might have missed some of my other projects. Recently, I’ve written for The Skeptic, Chemistry World, and Crash Course Organic Chemistry.

That’s great, I hear you say, where do we find all this amazing content? Allow me to supply a convenient list!

Dodgy diagrams in ads matter, if we want people to understand the value of chemistry

A little while ago an advert for a Volkswagen service plan turned up on Twitter with the tagline: “We have a formula for good customer service.” It pictured… [read the rest here]

Are we giving chemicals bad names?
Back in the distant past – that is, early 1990s – I sat in a dusty lecture theatre, listening to an organic chemistry lecturer as he wrote on a blackboard that rotated in an enormous loop…. [read the rest here]

• Episode 22: E1 and E2 Reactions
• Episode 23: Determining SN1, SN2, E1, and E2 Reactions
• Episode 26: How to Identify Molecules – Proton NMR
• Episode 27: An Overview of Aldehydes and Ketones
(There are more of these to come, so watch this space.)

I’ve also been writing content for DK: look out for Super Science, available from 5th August (it’s going to be a really beautiful book).

Do you want something non-sciency to distract you from, well, everything? Why not take a look at my fiction blog: the fiction phial? You can also find me doing various flavours of editor-type-stuff at the horror podcast, – so head over there, too!

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