10 Chemicals You Really SHOULD Be Scared Of

Some chemicals really ARE scary...

Some chemicals really ARE scary…

People are increasingly worried about chemicals these days (even if they don’t quite know what the word means), but most of that fear is unfounded. The ingredients in cosmetics and foods are actually pretty harmless on the whole, certainly in the quantities you usually meet them.

This is because we’ve had decades of extensive testing and health and safety regulations – the truly nasty stuff simply isn’t allowed anymore. Even, sometimes, in fairly-obviously dangerous things like rat poison.

But the nasty stuff exists. Oh yes it does. You might be unlikely to come across it, but it’s still out there. Locked away. (Or not.)

So, come with me as I take you on a tour of 10 chemicals you really SHOULD be scared of…

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  1. The article might have been fascinating but gave up because of the pop-up ads. You may have to re-consider the money making aspect of the site. It is just becoming clickbait. I will certainly be deleting from now on.


    • Sorry Doug! It’s just the WhatCulture Science articles. I have no plans to put ads on ChronicleFlask.com. But as a result, I don’t get paid for this site. Writers are paid by advertising – it’s always been that way, even in print (although I agree, at least print ads stay put!) WhatCulture Science do pay me, hence the work for them. I know they are looking at the way their ads work, and believe me – they’ve made some improvements already. At one point I couldn’t read their articles on my phone at all, but now they’re actually not that bad.

      Please stick around – WCS won’t be the majority of articles on this site, I promise 🙂


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