8 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About ‘Scary’ Chemicals

scaryChemicals. The word sounds a little bit scary, doesn’t it? For some it probably conjures up memories of school, and that time little Joey heated something up to “see what would happen” and you all had to evacuate the building. Which was actually good fun – what’s not to love about an unplanned fire drill during lesson time?

But for others the word has more worrying associations. What about all those lists of additives in foods, for starters? You know, the stuff that makes it all processed and bad for us. Don’t we need to get rid of all of that? And shouldn’t we be buying organic food, so we can avoid ….

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This is my first article for WhatCulture Science – please do click the link and read the rest!

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5 thoughts on “8 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About ‘Scary’ Chemicals

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  2. Very good article. The chemicals=bad thing is so pernicious. I even saw an advert today from someone who claims to have a Masters in chemistry advertising their cosmetics as having “no nasty chemicals”

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