The Chronicle Flask: award-winning science blog!

I’m usually quite strict about keeping this blog devoted purely to chemistry-related, or at least science-related, articles. But today I’m going to make a little exception because something very exciting has happened – this blog is now award-winning!

with certificateYesterday I had the privilege of attending the Association of British Science Writers’ 2015 Science Journalism Awards at The Royal Society in London. To my complete amazement, The Chronicle Flask won the Science Blog award supported by Good Thinking. Even more fabulously, the award was presented by none other than Simon Singh MBE.

The shortlist for the award consisted of Head QuartersThe Carbon Brief and  Animal Magic. They’re all fantastic blogs so it really was a huge surprise to win the category.

with simon singh

Simon Singh and me!

I want to say an enormous thank you to all the people who read this blog, and who’ve tweeted and shared links to my posts over the last couple of years. A blog is nothing without its readers – thank you!

And I’d also like to congratulate all the other winners. There were so many brilliant entries, including the BBC Science Production Infested! Living with parasites for best scripted/edited television programme, Maria Delaney for best newcomer, and Tales of the Hobbit by Ewen Callaway for best feature.

Here’s to many more chemistry articles to come!



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