Warning – the dangers of PHMEA!

This is a warning about a chemical that, you’ll be amazed to hear, is found in homes all Surprised womanaround the country. Indeed, all over the world. You can readily buy it in shops.

The chemical is called polyhexamethylene adipamide, PHMEA for short (also known by a number of other names). It’s made from some really toxic substances: hexamethylenediamine and adipic acid. Hexamethylenediamine in particular is known to cause serious burns and severe skin irritation. And yet PHMEA turns up all over the place, even in clothing.

In fact it was shown on a popular TV program to be incredibly dangerous when used in clothing, particularly when combined with other common chemicals, and yet no one has done anything about it – it’s still on the shelves everywhere!

A steady increase in the production of PHMEA over recent years in Western countries correlates closely with a rise in obesity, leading some researchers to question whether they might be linked.

It has even been associated with crime, with criminals using it in a number of different ways. It can be used to incapacitate people as well as actually change their facial appearance! One criminal even blamed his entire crime spree on his exposure to it.

PHMEA exposure has been closely correlated with a number of different diseases, everything from chicken pox to cancer. Yes CANCER! One professional was quoted as saying, “I think it’s safe to assume that nearly 100% of people suffering from a disease have been in contact with [PHMEA] at some point”. It might even affect your brain directly. This is a true fact from the Apollo medical team.

It could even make men infertile, it’s been proven that PHMEA in clothing worn close to the body can reduce sperm count. And even give you smelly feet! One totally random member of the public said: “I found out that my socks are made of PHMEA – I had no idea. My feet were so stinky when when I took my shoes off my cat fainted!”. Another totally invented person said, “I developed a horrible sensitivity to PHMEA. I had terrible headaches and rashes. It’s all around you; it’s impossible to avoid. I’ve switched to tinfoil socks and now I’m sleeping much better. Mind you, the blisters are murder.”

Can you believe this dreadful substance is still so widely available? Most of you probably have it in your closets – check your labels now! Write to your local politician and demand better regulation of this dreadful chemical. SEND THIS WARNING TO ALL YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY NOW, if you don’t you’ll definitely get terrible athlete’s foot within 3 days. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. It’s also really important that you transfer $8008 into my Nigerian bank account.

Dr Kat Day suggests you pay attention to, well, the day. And would like to point out that she actually posted this the day AFTER the 31st March but due to some weird timey wimey stuff WordPress got the date wrong.

(P.S. Correlation is not causation.)

(P.P.S. the bit about hexamethylenediamine is true.)